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Maxwell Caulfield

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Real Name:
Maxwell Caulfield
29th of November 1959
Birth Place:
Glasgow, Scotland
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stars A Little Bit About...
Maxwell Caulfield gegan his film career in a very big way. He was chosen from thousands of potential applicants (including a young unknown called Tom Cruise) to appear as Michael Carrington in the sequel to the most successful musical film of all time. Both he and his co-star, a fresh-faced young newcomer called Michelle Pfeiffer, were halied as 'The Next Overnight Sensations' and GREASE 2 was going to make him a star. However the film
was a critical and commercial DISASTER and his career was seriously affected. Despite a superb performance as the psychopathic teenager Roy Alston in the gritty indie film 'The Boys Next Door' with Charlie Sheen and a convincing turn in the award winning TV movie 'The Parade', his only widely seen performance during the 1980s was his inspired portrayal of charismatic bad boy Miles Colby in the soaps 'Dynasty' and 'The Colbys'. Since then he has appeared in a number of uninspired B-movies and DTV schlock. However his stage work has always allowed to demonstrate his gift. He won rave reviews for his work on Broadway including 'Entertaining Mr.Sloane' and 'An Inspector Calls'. He also headlined the Off-Broadway smash 'My Night With Reg'. Those performances
along with his widely cherished turn as sleazy pop star Rex Manning in 1995's 'Empire Records' led to him winning the prize role of Bob in Tom DiCillo's 'The Real Blonde' opposite such actors as Matthew Modine, Daryl Hannah and Kathleen Turner. So it seems that Maxwell is back on track, and follwing great notices for 'The Real Blonde' (which was critically praised at the Deauville and Sundance Film Festivals), we can look forward to a renaissance and some wonderful performances from quite possibly the most underrated actor of his generation. Make him the next James Bond, I say !
Maxwell is married to actress Juliet Mills, whom we met while appearing in 'The Elephant Man' Off-Broadway in 1980.
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stars Max Facts

Allan Carr, the producer of GREASE 2, disliked Maxwell so much that he shut down production for 24 hours in an effort to fire him.

Caulfield was chosen as on of the Twelve most promising actors of his 1985 in 'John Willis Screnn World'

Caulfield's brother Marcus MacLaine went out with Juliet Mills' sister Hayley.

Caulfield is the uncle by marriage of Kula Shaker's Crispian Mills.

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