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Geri Halliwell ? Why, you may well ask ? Well, simply because I think she is great. She made the Spice Girls what they were. After her departure the colour seemed to drain from the group, even as Geri herself launched a radical makeover of her own look. She may not have the greatest voice or be the best dancer in the world, but she shines like a beacon amongst the likes of Mels C and B's solo efforts through sheer determination and likeability. She proves on her debut album 'Schizophonic' her abilities not only as a songwriter, but also as an emotive and heartfelt singer. Her new album 'Scream If You Wanna Go Faster' is an out and out pop masterpiece. Her autobiography 'If Only' reveals a warm and caring individual, aware that she is trapped in a bubble of fame that could burst at any moment. Lets hope that bubble lasts survives a bit longer.

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