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The Pink Ladies Pledge: To act cool, to look cool and to be cool, 'til death do us part, think pink !


Davey: What are you gonna be when you grow up ?

Johnny: A burden on society....


Michael: I was wanted to ask you if you were free after school today ?

Stephanie: I'm free everyday, it's in the Constitution !


Sharon: We're gonna die and I'm wearing my mother's underwear !!


Ms.McGee: If you play an instrument, it's better to play with a group than with yourself...


Student: Ms.McGee, I'm a little worried, I've missed my last two periods.

Ms.McGee: That's alright dear, you can make them up after school...


Johnny: I dumped her and not versa-visa !


Goose: He bombed out in the bomb-shelter !

Paulette: I wouldn't fool around with Mother Nature, Rhonda.

Sharon: Why not, you've fooled around with everyone else ,Paulette.


Johnny: Tonight, we bowl !


Stephanie: There's gotta be more to life than making out.

Paulette: Ya know, I never looked at it that way !


Sorority Girls: But at yesterday's tea-dance my day turned to night, Muffy Rogers was wearing Brad's pin ! I could just die !


Pink Ladies: Virgin Alert ! Virgin Alert ! All male periscopes down !


Michael: Stephanie, please don't cry !

Stephanie: Oh, it all seems so unfair, just when I found you I lost you !

Michael: That doesn't matter now, the only thing that matters is that I love you ! And you're the only one who can keep our love alive, so Stephanie, don't forget me !

Stephanie: I promise !


Michael: I never thought you'd kiss me like that if you knew who I really was..

Stephanie: Are you crazy ? I got 2 for the price of 1 !