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Hello, welcome to the world of Aaron Long (thrilling isn't it?). That is me pictured above.....I was born on the 17th of January 1978, making me a Capricorn, although I don't hold much weight in star-signs, mine always predict twaddle like financial success and such like....hardly !

I live in Cork, Ireland's second city, and a place I am learning to appreciate more as I get older and more tolerant.

I studied Law & German for a year then ARTS at University College Cork for two years but didn't finish either degree due to lack of dedication to my chosen subjects. Heading back again in October 2006 to study drama (hopefully) so that SHOULD hold my interest !!

My interests mainly lie in reading, watching films and listening to music, I would love to play a sport but I am the least talented person on earth in that area. I absolutely LOVE acting and I have acted in three plays at University so far. I played Geoffrey in Shelagh Delaney's 'A TASTE OF HONEY', Hal in Joe Orton's 'LOOT' (I also co-directed the latter with my best friend Fergus Clifford) and Colin in Carol Churchill's short play 'ABORTIVE' (again, directed by Fergus....nepotism reigns supreme !)

I think friendship is so important. I value it more than anything except my family. So I want to say hi to my best friends, that small few people that make it worth my while getting up in the morning: my gorgeous JOHN, ROB (petal), SUSAN (Susie cool), JEN (mother of my children), DARA (Eurobeor), SHOLA (Doll!!), TREV (hello??), EILEEN (Teacher!), FIONNUALA (Luscious), MARIE (c'mere I wantcha), LIZ (massive), PADDY (I just LOVE Pazzer), THE LADS AT WORK JAMIE (miss you), AVERIL (My Renee !!), CLAUDIA (my favourite German!!), THE LADS AT WORK: MIKE, LYNNE, CAIREN, JILL, BREDA,LAURA AND RICHARD (Inbound bunnies), EDEL (the ex-wife !!), HUGE (the ex-husband), JP (the recent ex-husband), the triumvirate: PAUL (not the same without you), MIKE (words can't do justice to you my friend) and not forgetting the man himself, the god of my idolatry, FERGUS (my best man !!! hello)........and anyone I didn't mention, sorry...

Here, in the words of the song are a few of my favourite things....

My favourite----

Drinks are tea (I love tea), Cherry Coke (unnatural fondness it NEEDS to be relaunched !), Coke, and Heineken/and/or Murphy's, Jack Daniels and Red Bull (consumed in mass quantities when my wallet allows me to...)

Food is practically EVERYTHING. I LOVE cooking and I'm pretty experimental.

Films are GREASE...shallow perhaps but feelgood nonetheless.... A ROOM WITH A VIEW, GWTW, HARRY POTTER, Y TU MAMA TAMBIEN, DANCER IN THE DARK, MOULIN ROUGE, CHICAGO and loads more....

Song is 'Xanadu' by Olivia Newton-John and the Electric Light Orchestra and 'Tender' by Blur. I want 'Xanadu' played at my funeral.

TV shows are The Simpsons, Kath and Kim, EastEnders, Corrie, Absolutely Fabulous, Friends, Father Ted, Only Fools and Horses and once upon a time Eldorado and The Jewel in the Crown (oh, and 'V'). And recently I have become horribly addicted to Strictly Come Dancing.

My favourite author is George Eliot (She of 'The Mill on the Floss' and 'Middlemarch' fame) and of course JK Rowling

My favourite novels are THE LINE OF BEAUTY by Alan Hollinghurst, STAYING ON by Paul Scott, THE JEWEL IN THE CROWN by Paul Scott, A SUITABLE BOY by Vikram Seth, THE GREAT GATSBY by F.Scott Fitzgerald, WUTHERING HEIGHTS by Emily Bronte, THE MILL ON THE FLOSS by George Eliot, THE COLOR PURPLE by Alice Walker, SONS AND LOVERS by D.H. LAWRENCE, BRIDGET JONES' DIARY by Helen Fielding THE ENGLISH PATIENT by Michael Ondaatje and the ADRIAN MOLE novels by SUE TOWNSEND and my beloved HARRY POTTER !!!

And just to mention the fact that I love Colin Farrell. LOVE him.